Before Michel Vallet became a lawyer in 2010, he spent 20 years working for different IT companies. This enables him to represent and advise his clients professionally in the areas of commercial law, corporate law and employment law.

His experience in the IT industry allowed him to acquire expertise in the areas of intellectual property law and IT contracts.

On the other hand, Michel Vallet has a strong expertise in the field of construction law. He represents and advises many clients regarding expert assessments as well as in court.

Michel Vallet offers legal advice in French, English, German and Italian.


Mélanie EREN

Mélanie Eren has been admitted to the Luxembourg Bar since 2020. 

Mélanie Eren holds a Bachelor of Business Law and a master’s degree in Commercial Law and Taxation from Nancy II University. 

After obtaining a master’s degree in International and European Business Law, she decided to practice the profession of lawyer in Luxembourg. 

She is involved in the firm in various legal fields, notably in corporate law, labor law, real estate, construction law and insolvency law. 

Mélanie Eren speaks French, English and Turkish. 


Nazik El Mahjoubi completed her university studies in France in Business Law, International Taxation (Lausanne University) and Islamic Finance (Starsbourg University).

Nazik El Mahjoubi studied Luxembourg law and joined the Luxembourg Bar in 2012. 

Her experience is mainly oriented towards business law and taxation in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, France, the United Arab Emirates as well as in Switzerland.

Nazik El Mahjoubi is fluent in French, English and Arabic and has a good knowledge in German and Luxembourgish.



Carlos Diaz-Scharff has been admitted as a lawyer to the Luxembourg Bar since 2010 and to the Madrid Bar since 2007.

He works in Luxembourg as well as in Madrid and Lisbon, which enables him to intervene in cross-border cases between Luxembourg and Spain, Luxembourg and Portugal, or Luxembourg and South America.

In these cases, Carlos Diaz-Scharff contributes his expertise in corporate law, family law and immigration law.

Carlos Diaz-Scharff offers legal advice in Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.

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